Reishauer Model RZ362A CNC Gear Grinder

Reishauer Model RZ362A CNC Gear Grinder

Serial No. 73884      Age: 1997

Stock Number: gh1034

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Maximum Wheel Diameter360mm / 14.17"
Maximum Module7mm / .275"
Minimum Module0.1mm / .0039"
Slide Stroke175mm / 6.88"
Maximum Helix Angle45
Maximum Number of Teeth600
Minimum Number of Teeth6
Maximum Workpiece Weight60 kg / 132 lbs
Grinding Wheel Width104mm / 4.09"
Grinding Wheel Diameter280-350mm / 11.02" - 13.77"
Speed of Grinding Worm when Grinding1100-2330 U/min
Speed of Grinding Worm when Profiling50-95 U/min
Feed per Revolution of Work Piece0-3.4mm / 0-0.133"
Grinding Worm Infeed Speed, up to99.9mm/min / 3.93 IPM
Approximate Machine Weight6600kg / 14,553 lbs

Equipped With:
Reishauer CNC Controls. Wheel Dresser. Dittel MBA2000 Balancing Controller. Elbaron RH12D Mist Collector. Kato Motor Generator. Freestanding Hydraulic Unit. Hydraulic Oil Pump-Sump Pump System. Free Standing Electrical Control Cabinet. NOTE: No chiller-filtration unit or coolant system.

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Reishauer Model RZ362A CNC Gear Grinder

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