Mitsui Seiki Model GSN-300 CNC Thread Grinder

Mitsui Seiki Model GSN-300 CNC Thread Grinder

Stock Number: g1289x

Serial No. 120      Age: 1988

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Maximum Diameter Swing over Table10.63"
Distance between Centers17.72"
Maximum Thread Length Ground11.81"
Maximum Outside Diameter Ground3.15"
Thread Lead Obtainable (Maximum)2.36"
Grinding Wheel Size (OD x Width x Bore)14" x 0.4" - 1.26" x 6"
Wheel Spindle Speeds (2 by changing pulleys & belts)1790 RPM / 2420 RPM
Helix Angle30
Full Travel Length5.4"
Travel Length by Rapid Feed (Hydraulic)0.985"
Total Feed Amount & Automatic Feed0.0001"
Total Feed Amount (Automatic Feed)0.9999"
Maximum Feed at Stroke End (Automatic Feed)0.9999"
Minimum Feed at Stroke End (Automatic Feed)0.0001"
Full Travel Length14.17"
Travel per Step.00001"
Lead Setting Range0.01" - 2.36"
Rapid Return Speed (with no spindle rotation)1000 mm/min
Spindle NoseNo. 5 MT
Center TaperNo. 3 MT
Hole thru Spindle1.38"
Work Spindle Speeds (Stepless)100 RPM (maximum)
Angle of Spindle Rotation per step.005
Center TaperNo. 3 MT
Axis Travel Length1" Maximum
Approximate Weight9500 lbs

Equipped With:
Fanuc 11M CNC Control. With Simultaneous 4-Axis Control For Spindle Rotation (C-Axis), Table Traverse (Z-Axis), Wheel Feed (X-Axis) And Wheel Dressing Feed (V-Axis). Rotary Wheel Dresser. Fugi Mist Collector. Oil Tank With Filters. Automatic Lubrication. Free Standing Hydraulic System. SMC Fog Unit. Master Lead Screw Cooling Oil Pump. Manuals And Drawings.

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Mitsui Seiki Model GSN-300 CNC Thread Grinder

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