135-Ton Grotnes Model 12-H-135 Hydraulic Expander



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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Maximum Expansion Capacity 135 tons
Number of Radial Jaws 12
Diameter Size of Hydraulic Cylinder 12 inches
Vertical Stroke of Cylinder 8 inches
Radial Expansion of Jaws 0.5 inches
Draw Bar Diameter 1.5 inches
Collapsed Diameter 4.75 inches
Expanded Diameter 5.25 inches
Distance Floor to Horizontal Jaws 63 inches
Outside Diameter of Vertical Jaws (Column) 5.5 inches
Outside Diameter of Horizontal Jaws 36 inches
Height of Vertical Jaws 18.5 inches
Expansion & Contraction Rate Speed 50 IPM
Hydraulic System Operating Pressure 2500 PSI
Hydraulic Pump Manufacturer/Type OilGear DPG122506
Drive Motor Rating 15HP
Electrics 230/460 VAC/ 3 phase/ 60 cycle
Overall Dimension: Expander 54"W x 54"L x 8'4"H
Overall Dimension: Hydraulic Unit 32"W x 66"L x 46"H
Overall Dimension: Control Unit 20"W x 17"L x 43-1/2"H
Approximate Weight 10000 pounds

Equipped With

(12) Adjustable Table Jaws. (12) Brass Vertical Jaws. Operators Pendant Control With Auto Cycle. Dual Palm Actuation. Jog Expand, Jog Release, Cycle Timer.
360° Operator Platform. 

This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out in our shop, cleaned, painted and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power here in our plant.

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