30” O.G.P. Model OQ30 Contour Projection Optical Comparator


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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Screen Diameter 30 inches
Angular (Graduated Protractor w/Vernier to 1' of Arc) 360°
Table Size 8" x 32"
Table Travel, Horizontal 12 inches
Table Travel, Vertical 9 inches
Focus Travel 3 inches
Angular (Graduated Protractor w/Vernier to 1’ Arc) 360°
Helix Rotation (to 5° Arc) ± 15°
Throat Clearance 20 inches
Working Distance, Focal Plane to Front Relay Lens Housing 10.375 inches
Optical Axis to Worktable, w/Helix (Max/Min) 9.75" / 0.75"
Optical Axis to Worktable, w/o Helix (Max/Min) 12" / 2"
Worktable to Floor, w/Helix (Max/Min) 44.25" / 34.25"
Worktable to Floor, w/o Helix (Max/Min) 43" / 33"
Approximate Dimensions 72"W x 88"L x 80"H
Approximate Weight 5500 pounds

Equipped With

Relay Lens System for Erect Unreversed Image (Left-Right, Up-Down). 6” Thick Granite Base. Twin Screw Table with Variable Speed Power Elevation. Heavy Duty Table Slide with Cross Roller Construction for smooth, variable speed positioning. 6-Position Power Lens Turret with 10x , 20x, 31.25x, 50x and 100x Lenses. Quadra-Chek 2000 Programmable Digital Readout. Manual Protractor. Horizontal, Vertical and Surface Illumination. Overhead Hood and Curtain.

Cleaned and Cycled.