39-Station Dreistern Model P3.100.39 Roll Forming Line



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City Not Specified, Michigan
United States


Number of Stations 39
Blank Width 9.84 inches
Working Width 10.6 inches
Diameter of Working Shafts 1.57 inches
Vertical Spacing of Shafts (Max / Min) 3.93" / 3.34"
Horizontal Shaft Spacing 12.99 inches
Axial Adjustment of Shafts 10.098 inches
Rolling Speed 236 IPM
Drive (2) 46.8KW (62.7HP)
Uncoiler Weight Capacity 5000 lbs
• Max Width 11.8 inches
• Max OD 42 inches
Leveller Max Width 15.7 inches

Equipped With

  • (1) Dreistern model P3.100.39 39-Stand Roll Former,  11.75 max width, 1 1/2" DIA shafts, rafted, adjustable end working guides, full length mesh safety guarding, (1999), SN 99084, complete with Dreistern model to 0350 Post Punch Station, SN 97224, (1997), (5) hydraulic rafted linear adjustable punch stations, Dreistern CNC control, Cincinnati Valco function monitoring control. 
  • (1) Arku MD RH500/2/300/ MSG-TQ 5000 lb. capacity double sided uncoiler, SN 9222-4/25, (1999), 300 MM max width, 42" max OD with keepers, power ID adjusting. 
  • (1) Arku Power Precision Leveler, model RM3035.4/21, SN 60272, mas width capacity 16", (1999), multiple wand override controls, with exit feed conveyor and Arku servo feeder. 
  • (1) Arku Pre-Punch Machine with (4) hydraulic punch stations, magnetic chip conveyor, exit feed, Siemens controls, model STANZSCH, SN 99125, (1995). 

The Roll Form Line appears to be in very good condition and can be inspected at your convenience. 

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