519 Gleason Universal Angular Hypoid Bevel Gear Tester



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City Not Specified, Ohio
United States


Max Dia. Of Bevel Gear At 90 Degree Shaft Angle 36" (914mm)
Max Dia. Of Bevel Pinion At 90 Degree Shaft Angle 12" (305mm)
Max Offset Of Gear Spindle Above Or Below Pinion Spindle Center 6" (152mm)
Shaft Angle Range 0 To 180 Degrees
Max. Dia. Of Parallel Shaft Gear w/Angular Head Setting W/Max. Offset 49" (1245mm)
Max. Dia. Of Parallel Shaft Pinion w/Angular Head Setting W/Max. Offset 25" (635mm)
Max. Center Distance 25" (635mm)
Min. Center Distance 0" (0.0mm)
Main Motor 5 HP
Floor Space 90" x 75"
Approx Net Weight 10,555 lbs

Equipped With

For Testing The Running Qualities Of Bevel Hypoid Spur And Helical Gears Up To 24 (610mm) Diameter From 0 To 180 Degree Shaft Angle And Up To 36 (914mm) Diameter At 90 Degree Shaft Angle.Manual Chucking Arrangement W/Draw-Bolts. Drive-Head Spindle Bore (6 Dia. X .75 Taper Per Ft. X 2.5 Long). Special Brake-Head Spindle Bore. (3-29/32Dia. X 39/64Taper Per Ft. X 3 Long). Pinion Cross Slides. Sine Bar Setup Arrangement. Imperial Scales & Verniers. Ammeter For Checking Brake Load. Full Electrics (Motors/Controls). (Suitable For 3-Phase 50/60 Cycle Operation). Operators Manual Parts List Wiring Diagrams.

This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out, cleaned and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power.

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