Citizen Model L32 CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe



Stock #



City Not Specified, Ohio
United States


Maximum Stock Diameter 1.25 inches
Maximum Length per Chucking 10 inches
Maximum Drilling Diameter ER 16 Collet up to 0.394"
Main Spindle Speed 200 - 8000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 5 HP
Maximum Chucking Diameter 1 inches
Pick-Off Spindle Speed 200 - 6000 RPM
Pick-Off Spindle Motor 3 HP
Main Spindle Index .01 Deg
Sub-Spindle Index 15° (optional 1°)
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed 200 - 5000 RPM
Rotary Tool Motor ½ HP
No. of Tools to be Mounted 17
Turning Tools 5
Front Work ID Tools 3
Back Work ID Tools 5
Live Tools 4
Tool Size (Square Shank) 5/8"; ID Sleeve 1"
Power Consumption 11 KVA
Approximate Weight 5512 pounds

Equipped With

Citizen Cincom CNC Controls with full CRT and Keyboard. IEMCA Boss CNC Magazine Type Bar Feed with LL Pusher. Spindle Liners. C-Axis Control for Main Spindle. 1° Indexing for Sub-Spindle. Canned Cycle for Drilling. Main/Back Spindle Synchronous Rotation Function. Synchronous Tapping. Milling Interpolation. Leveling Pads. Parts Catcher Tray. Work Piece Conveyor. Chip Conveyor. Huge Quantity of Tooling including: Live and Static Tool Holders. Collets. Bushings. Bar Feed Pads and more. All Available Books and Manuals.

The Citizen appears to be in very good operating condition an can be inspected under power.