Eitel Model RP-160 Straightening Press



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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Maximum Straightening Pressure 175 Ton
Straightening Bed (L x W) 79" x 10.75"
Bed Width Extensions 279"
Length of Pressure Bearing Bed 72"
Ram Speed Up 375 IPM
Ram Speed Down 90 IPM
Total Stroke 10"
Controllable Straightening Stroke (Adjustable) 7/8"
Daylight to Table, Maximum 31.5"
Daylight to Table, Minimum 13-3/4"
Depth of Throat 13.75"
Front of Table to Face of Machine 19.75"
Height of Table 35"
Height of Centers 9.5"
Maximum Swing 14-1/8"
Distance between Centers 249"
Maximum Weight Workpiece 1,770 lbs
Overall Height 120"
Approximate Weight 16,000 lbs.

Equipped With

Motor Driven With 25 HP 3 Phase 60 Cycle AC Hydraulic Pump Drive. Complete Electrical Controls.Stroke Control Allowing For Fine Adjustment Of The Lowest Position Of The Ram Within The Last 20mm Of The Set Ram Stroke. Limitation Of Return Stroke For Presetting The Shortest Stroke To Suit The Job Thereby Reducing Operating Time. WR3 Shaft Straightening Attachment Complete With Center Supports With Right Hand Handwheel For Center Adjustment. Roller Type Work Rests For Uncentered Workpieces. Turret Stop For Minimizing Stroke. Swinging Measuring Bracket Mounted To Frame Complete With Dial Indicator. (4) 40 Table Extension With Supports. (2) 20 Table Extensions With End Stops And Supports.

This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out, cleaned and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power.

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