Fellows Model 20-4 High Production Gear Shaper



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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Maximum Pitch Diameter (External & Internal) 20 inches
Maximum Diametral Pitch (Spur) 4
Maximum Diametral Pitch (Helical) 5
Maximum Face Width 4 inches
Maximum Helix Angle w/Standard Guides 45°
Maximum Outside Diameter of Fixture 27 inches
Distance Work Table to Cutter Housing 20 inches
Spindle Stroke 0.001 - 0.040"
Number of Cuts per Cycle 1, 2, or 3
Approximate Dimensions (w/o Mist Collector) 126" x 68" x 118"H
Approximate Weight 18000 pounds

Equipped With

Motor Driven With 10 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle AC Volt Spindle Drive. Independent DC Rotary Drive For Feeds. 5 HP Hydraulics. MD Coolant. Complete Electrical Controls.

8" (200mm) Riser. Hydraulic Fixture Clamping. 20" Face Plate Chuck x 9"H Subplate Fixture. Capacity For Cutting Internal Or External Spur Or Helical Gears And Many Non-Involute Shapes. Built In Crowning Ability. Taper Ability. Variable Speed Infeed For Better Finish And Extended Cutter Tool Life. Cuts And Infeed Rates Are Set By Potentiometers. Infinitely Variable Depth Control. Digital Display for Setting Stroking Speeds For Rough And Finish Cuts. Automatic Cutter Positioning For Locating Cutter At Top Or Stroke. Automatic Fixture Clamping. Variable Speed Stroking Through. Multiple Speed Motor For Automatic Changing Of Stroking Speeds In Finishing Cut. "A" & "B" Rotation Counters. Analog LED Table RPM. Assorted Change Gears. Coolant System. Magnetic Chip Conveyor. Mist Collector.

This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out in our shop, cleaned, painted, and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power here in our plant. 

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