Model 26 Gleason Hypoid Gear Generator


26" AIR

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United States


Max Offset Below Center 4-1/2"
Max. Distance from Machine Center to Nose of Spindle 23-1/2"
Min. Distance from Machine Center to Nose of Spindle 5"
Cutter Speeds-Feed Per Minute 35-200
Feed (sec./tooth) 25-333
Main Motor - 2 Speed 7.5 HP
Floor Space 132" x 101"
Net Weight 25,300 lbs
Maximum Diameter Gear 33"
Cone Distance Max (30 deg. and 18" Cutter) 16-1/2"
Max. Pitch Angle: Shaft at 90 Deg 84 Deg. 18'
Min. Pitch Angle 5 Deg. 42'
Extreme Ratio 10:1
Max Face Width 4"
Diametral Pitch 1-1/2
Diameter of Taper Hole at Large End 6" 152mm
Taper Per Foot 3/4" 19mm
Depth of Taper 6", 152mm
Diameter of Hole Through 5" 127mm
Spindle Nose to Machine Center 9-1/4", 235mm
Cutter Diameter 9", 12", 16", 18"
Max Offset Above Center 4-1/2"
F.O.B. MI Shipping Point

Equipped With

Modified Roll. Hydraulic Work Holding. Draw Bar. Coolant System. Change Gears. Cutter Bodies Available.

This machine is being offered cleaned and cycled. It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and can be inspected at your convenience.