Model 26 Gleason Hypoid Gear Generator


26" AIR

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City Not Specified, Michigan
United States


Max Offset Below Center 4-1/2"
Max. Distance from Machine Center to Nose of Spindle 23-1/2"
Min. Distance from Machine Center to Nose of Spindle 5"
Cutter Speeds-Feed Per Minute 35-200
Feed (sec./tooth) 25-333
Main Motor - 2 Speed 7.5 HP
Floor Space 132" x 101"
Net Weight 25,300 lbs
Maximum Diameter Gear 33"
Cone Distance Max (30 deg. and 18" Cutter) 16-1/2"
Max. Pitch Angle: Shaft at 90 Deg 84 Deg. 18'
Min. Pitch Angle 5 Deg. 42'
Extreme Ratio 10:1
Max Face Width 4"
Diametral Pitch 1-1/2
Diameter of Taper Hole at Large End 6" 152mm
Taper Per Foot 3/4" 19mm
Depth of Taper 6", 152mm
Diameter of Hole Through 5" 127mm
Spindle Nose to Machine Center 9-1/4", 235mm
Cutter Diameter 9", 12", 16", 18"
Max Offset Above Center 4-1/2"

Equipped With

Modified Roll. Hydraulic Work Holding. Draw Bar. Coolant System. Change Gears. Cutter Bodies Available.

This machine is being offered cleaned and cycled. It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and can be inspected at your convenience.