No. 6-16 Barber-Colman Mulitcycle Gear Hobbing Machine


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City Not Specified, Michigan
United States


Max DP & Distance, In Steel, 1-Out 16 DP - 2" / 48 DP - 6"
Max Work Rated Diameter 6"
Maximum Travel of Hob Slide 16.5 inches
Max Distance Work Spindle Face to Tail Center 21.75 inches
Max Distance Work Spindle Face to C/L of Hob Spindle 18.75 inches
Distance C/L of Work Spindle to C/L of Hob Spindle 3.125 inches
Distance Bottom of Overarm 3 inches
Max. Hob Diameter 3 inches
Max. Swivel Angle Setting 60°R - 90°L
Hob Arbor Straight 0.75 inches
Hob Speed Range 200 - 800 RPM
Feed Range .015" - .0150"
Approximate Weight 2400 pounds

Equipped With

Multicycle Controls For Square Horizontal & Vertical Plunge Cycles. Crowning. Triple Thread Index Worm. Power Rapid Traverse. High Speed Hob Swivel. Auto Hob Shifter. Hydraulic Collet Chucking. Electric Clutch. Hardened And Ground Bed And Column Ways. Removable Hob Arbor. 180° Turret Attachment. C-Type Overarm End Brace. MD Bijur Automatic Lubrication. Change Gears. MD Coolant System With Filter.Motor Driven With 2 HP 3 Phase 60 Cycle AC Main Drive Motor And Brake. 1 HP 3 Phase 60 Cycle AC Free Standing Hydraulic Power Unit. 1 HP DC Vertical Feed Drive Gear Motor. ½ HP 3 Phase 60 Cycle AC Motors For Coolant & Lubrication Systems. With Free-Standing Electrical Control Center. Control Station #2 With Dwell Timer Hob Rotation Feed & Cam Controls. Full Operators Master Control Station With Cycle Turret & Cam Speed Selectors Machine Power Controls Hob & Workslide Selectors Collet Coolant And Main Power Controls.

The 6-16 Barber-Colman is being offered cleaned and cycled with a 30-Day Return Privilege Guarantee. It can be inspected under power on our floor.

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