Gleason Model No.14 Straight Bevel Gear Generator



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City Not Specified, Nevada
United States


Maximum Cone Distance (2.75"-3.5" Face) 12 inches
Maximum Cone Distance (1" Face) 11.125 inches
Maximum Pitch Angle (Angular Gears) 105°
Maximum Pitch Angle (90° Shafts) 84° / 18 min
Minimum Pitch Angle 5° / 42 min
Maximum Ratio 10:1
Maximum Face Width 3.5 inches
Maximum Stroke Length 0.5" - 4.5"
Index Range (Inclusive(+Up to 200) 5 - 100
Maximum Pitch 3 DP (nominal)
Diameter of Hole Thru Work Spindle (Large End) 3.906 inches
Spindle Taper per foot 0.609 inches
Depth of Spindle Taper 6 inches
Diameter of Spindle Hole (15.75" Deep) 3.25 inches
Spindle Nose to Center Line 2.5" - 15"
Diameter of Hole Thru Spindle 3.062 inches
(13) Tool Speeds in Strokes/Minute 64 - 495
(16) Feeds From 10sec - 2min 11sec/tooth
Floor Space 76" x 56"
Approximate Weight 13600 pounds

Equipped With

Double Roll Cam for Finish Cut. Tool Setting Gauge. Standard Tool Holders. Gauge for Tool Height. Adaptor for setting Standard Cutter Blocks. Large Quantity of Feed and Speed Gears. Any available Manuals and Drawings.
Machine is represented to be in vey good condition and can be inspected under power at your convenience.

NOTE: The No.14 Gleason is capable of cutting straight Bevel Gears and Pinions up to 24” Diameter, 3.5” Face Width, 3DP.