Liebherr Model L252 Vertical Gear Hobber



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Commerce City, Colorado
United States


Equipped With

Max. Workpiece diameter 9.84"
Max. Pitch Cut 4.25"
Axial Feed Steplessly variable minimum 0.004"/rev.
Axial Feed Steplessly variable maximum 0.349"/rev.
Radial Feed, Steplessly variable minimum 0.0039"/min
Radial Feed, Steplessly variable maximum 0.5290"/min
Axial rapid traverse 27.559"/min
Radial rapid traverse 29.527"/min
Standard work arbor diameter 0.984"
Work arbor taper #4 MT
Main motor 12.4 HP
Max. table load 4400 lbs
Hob head Universal
Hob spindle speeds Steplessly variable 60-360 RPM
Max. hob ship 6.693"
Incremental Shift Min. / Max. 0.062" / 6.180"
Tangential Feed Min / Max. 0.01" / 0.098" /WU
Center distance hob-work piece Min. / Max. 0.787" / 8.071"
Max. Hob Diameter 5.709"
Max. Hob length 7.874"
Hob arbor 1.063"
Hob arbor taper #4 MT
Length x Width x Height 129.3" x 90.5" x 82.7"
Weight of machine 10,000 lbs

Available change gears Manuals & Electrical diagrams.  Single Cut & Two Cut Automatic cycle Climb hobbing & Conventional hobbing. Jump Shifting. Hydraulic Tailstock Hydraulic radial feed Differential Work Clamping Shift direction selector Shift interval timing 1st & 2nd Cut cutter speed adjustment 1st & 2nd cut axial feed adjustment Program preselction Universal Hob slide with hob arbor support MD magnetic chip conveyor Work Light.