Mitsubishi ZE40A 9-Axis Universal CNC Gear Grinder



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Maximum Workpiece Diameter 15.9” (400 mm)
Maximum Diametrical Pitch/Module 0.5 - 8 Module
Maximum Swiveling Angle +/- 45°
Minimum Number of Teeth 5 By Generating Grinding
Maximum Number of Teeth 1,000
Maximum Axial Travel 15.9” (400 mm)
Worktable Diameter 9.45” (240 mm)
Maximum Worktable Speed 600 rpm
Wheel Size Diameter: 8.67”-11.8” (220-300 mm) / Length: 4.92” (125 mm)
Maximum Wheel Shift 7.87” (200 mm)
Wheel Speed Range 6,000 rpm
Type of Dresser Rotary Diamond Wheel
Dresser Diameter 4.33” – 6.30” (110 – 160 mm)
Dresser Speed 6,000 rpm
Feed Rate: Axial 0.04 – 394 in/min (1-10,000 mm/min)
Feed Rate: Radial 0.04 – 394 in/min (1-10,000 mm/min)
Rapid Transverse: Axial 394 in/min (1-10,000 mm/min)
Rapid Transverse: Radial 394 in/min (1-10,000 mm/min)
Motors :
Main Drive (B) 22.8 hp (17 kW) AC Spindle (Continuous)
Radial Feed (X) 5.4 hp (4.0 kW) AC Servo
Wheel Shift (Y) 3.4 hp (2.5 kW) AC Servo
Axial Feed (Z) 5.4 hp (4.0 kW) AC Servo
Wheel Head Swivel (A) 1.9 hp (1.4 kW) AC Servo
Table Drive (C) 22.8 hp (17 kW) AC Servo
Ring Loader Drive (C2) 3.6 hp (2.7 kW) AC Servo
Coolant Nozzle (X2) 0.7 hp (0.5 kW) AC Servo
Height, Floor to Worktable 39.4” (1,000 mm)
Machine Total Height 112” (2,840 mm)
Approx. Floor Space 151.97” (3,860 mm) Width/ 177.17” (4,500 mm) Depth
Approx. Weight 33,000 lbs. (15,000 kg)

Equipped With


Fanuc 31i 9-Axis CNC Control. Integrated Generating and Form Grinding Capability. CNC Rotary Diamond Wheel Dresser. Tailstock Column with Swing Away Tailstock Arm. Hydraulic Part Clamping Device. Equalized Wheel Wear Maintained Due to Automatic Wheel Shift. Feed Forward Servo System Enables High-Speed and High-Precision Synchronization Between Wheel and Table. Multiple Machining Patterns Include Crowning, Tapering, and 6-Step Grinding. Infinitely Variable Radial Feed. Infinitely Variable Axial Feed. Infinitely Variable Wheel Speed. Automatic Incremental Wheel Shift. Automatic Hydraulic Clamping of Wheel Head Assembly. Powered Wheel Head Swiveling. Hoffman HSF-150 SEK Oil Filtration System with Chiller. Oil Mist Collector. Manuals and Drawings. 

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