No. 14-15 Barber-Colman Heavy Duty Full Cycling Hydraulic Gear Hobber


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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Max. DP and Diameter in Steel 1 Cut 3.5 DP on 4" dia. / 6 DP on 14" dia.
Max. Rated Work Diameter 14 inches
Maximum Travel of Hob Slide 15 inches
Max. Distance Work Spindle Face to Tail Center 27.25 inches
Max. Dist. Work Spindle Face to C/L Hob Spindle 18.5 inches
Min. Dist. Work Spindle Face to C/L Hob Spindle 3.5 inches
Max. Dist. C/L Work Spindle to C/L Hob Spindle 9.75 inches
Min. Dist. C/L Work Spindle to C/L Hob Spindle 5 inches
Dist. C/L Work Spindle to Bottom of Overarm 7.25 inches
Maximum Hob Diameter 6.25 inches
Maximum Swivel Setting 50°
Hob Speed Range 64 - 362 RPM
Maximum Feed Rate 5 IPM
Work Spindle Taper No.18 B&S
Main Motor 10 HP
Hydraulic Drive 5 HP
Electrics 3/60/230v
Approximate Weight 9500 pounds

Equipped With

Rebuilt by Bourn & Koch 1969.
Variable Hydraulic Feed. Auto Feed Change Control. Automatic Hydraulic Cycling With Workslide Power Clamping. Differential. Automatic Hob Shifting. Workslide Elevation. Work Holding Cylinder. Draw Tube & Controls. Change Gears. Double Thread Index Worm. Hob Arbor. Tailstock & Center. Dwell Timer. Lubrication System. Coolant In Base. Free Standing Hydraulic Unit. Operators Master Control Station With Cycle, Workslide Raise & Lower, Feed Left & Right, Rapid Traverse Left & Right, Hob Rotation CCW-CW, Stop And Start.

This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out in our shop, cleaned and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power here in our plant.

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