No.6-10 Barber-Colman Multicycle Gear Hobbing Machine

No. 6-10

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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Max. DP and Diameter in Steel, 1-Cut 16DP - 2"
. 48 DP - 6"
Max. Work Rated Diameter 6 inches
Max. Travel of Hob Slide 10.5 inches
Max.Dist. Work Spindle Face to Tailcenter 15.75 inches
Max.Dist. Work Spindle to Centerline of Hob Spindle @ 0° Setting 12.75 inches
Dis.Centerline of Work Spindle Face to Centerline of Hob Spindle @ 0° Setting 3.875 inches
Dist.Centerline of Work Spindle Face to Bottom of Overarm 3 inches
Max. Hob Diameter 2.0625 inches
Max. Swivel Angle Setting 60°R to 90°L
Hob Arbor, Straight 0.75 inches
Hob Speed Range 200 - 800 RPM
Feed Range 0.015" - 0.150"
Vertical Feed Range Depth of Cut 0.010" - 0.250"

Equipped With

Standard Operation or Hydraulic Multicycle with Plunge or Square Cycles. Workslide Power Clamping. Universal Hob Slide. Triple Thread Index. Hydraulic Feed. Vertical Cam Rotation. Cam speed High-Low. Collet Chuck with Handwheel. Lever Operated Tailstock. Free Standing Electrical Control Panel. Operators Master Control Station with Cycle and Cam Speed Selector. Automatic Lubrication System. Change Gears. Coolant.

This machine is being offered cleaned and cycled. It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power.

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