Pfauter P900 CNC 5-Axis Universal Gear Hobbing Machine



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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Maximum Workpiece Diameter 36" (900mm)
Maximum DP (Module) in steel 2.5 DP8
Minimum number of teeth cut 8
Maximum axial travel 20" (500mm)
Center distance btwn workpiece and hob, Max. 21.65" (550mm)
Center distance btwn workpiece and hob, Min. 1.97" (50mm)
Diameter of work table 27.56" (700mm)
Diameter of work table bore 6.3" (160mm)
Diameter of work arbor 1.77" (45mm)
Adaptor taper of hob arbors 5 Morse
Maximum hob dimensions: Diameter 7" (192mm)
Maximum hob dimensions: Length 8.5" (215mm)
Maximum hob shift (tangential travel) 4" (100mm)
Hob speed (infinitely variable) 60 - 300 RPM
Axial .016 to .268 IPR
Radial .004 to .070 IPR
Tangential .006 to .090 IPR
Capacity of coolant pump 22 gallons per/min.
Main Motor 15 HP (15kW)
Total power requirements 22.5 kVA
Machine net weight (approximate) 18,700 lbs (8,500 kGs)
Base machine dimensions 157"x79"x91"(4000x2000x2300mm)

Equipped With

Rebuilt/Retrofitted in 2000 

Suitable for the cutting of spur and helical gears, pinions, splines, sprockets, worm gears and other workpieces of similar profile up to 36" (900mm) diameter, 18" (457mm) face-width, up to 10-Module (2.5 DP).

Scope of work performed by Messrs. WELTER MASCHINEN GmbH, Lahr, Germany 2000.

1. MECHANICAL: Rebuild includes but not limited to: machine cast iron bed, column, work-table, cutting slide, steady-column and slide re-ground and/or re-scraped. New ball-screws and nuts for radial and axial drives. New preloaded trapezoidal screw drive nut for shifting (tangential)

2. Coolant System with magnetic chip conveyor.  Force Lubrication. Full enclosure

3. ELECTRICAL / CNC CONTROL:  GE-Fanuc 18i-M CNC controller, motor and drive package, w/gear cutting software (updated 2008 by MTB) and user friendly conversational dialogue prompts for set-ups and/or amendments, aiding the operator with graphical depictions via 10.4" CRT color screen, mounted on electrical switch-gear cabinet. CNC controlled motions as follows:   X-Axis (radial feed), Z-Axis (axial feed),  B-Axis (hob RPM C-Axis (work table RPM),  Y-Axis (tangential feed/hob-shift). Continuous path digital control provides programs for axial, radial, tangential, diagonal, climb, and conventional  hobbing cycles as well as "crowning" and "single index" milling/hobbing, with additional "M" function features, and various hobbing & milling cycles in different combinations, inclusive of "skip-feed" and "automatic-two-cut" cycle w/speed and feed change between both roughing and finishing cuts. Control with "electronic hand-wheel" for easy positioning of all CNC-controlled axes

Three passes (same or alternating directions). Hobbing of four sequential gears in one cycle. Inch / metric switchable. Incremental shifting by part count. Crowning with high point offset capability. Taper compensation. Axial or radial/axial cycles. Radial only cycle. Programmable dwell. Automatic or manual over-travel and approach calculations. Simple single indexing cycle. Tool offsets for quick size changes. Workpiece counter. Multiple program storage and retrieval. Shifting with table compensation. Auxiliary function selection (tailstock/clamping seq.). Automatic or manual hob swivel angle calculation.                                             


Universal swivel hob-head (w/tangential feed). Outboard support column w/hydraulically lowered/clamping swing away type tailstock. Single start index worm. Diagonal hobbing, conventional and climb capability. Automatic infeed. Infinitely variable hob drive & infinitely variable feeds & speeds (via CNC). Motorized rapid traverse for all machine slides. (1) hob arbor (1.25" diameter). Full guards, covers. Operator's manual, wiring diagrams for machine and controller.

This machine is being offered cleaned and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected here in our plant.

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