Royal Master Model TG-12X4 Precis-O-Matic Centerless Grinder


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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Grinding Capacity Thrufeed 0.004" - 1.5" Dia
Grinding Wheel Maximum 12” Dia x 4” Wide
Grinding Wheel Minimum 10” Dia x 0.25” Wide
Regulating Wheel Maximum 6” Dia x 4” Wide
Regulating Wheel Minimum 4” Dia x 0.125” Wide
Regulating Head Max. Angle of Tilt for Thrufeed Grinding 6° Left – 6° Right
Wheel Head Max. Swivel for Taper Grinding 5° Left – 5° Right
Spindle Speeds for Grinding Wheel (constant) 2040 RPM
Spindle Speeds for Regulating Wheel (variable) 20 - 500 RPM
Approximate Weight 2500 pounds

Equipped With

7.5 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 230 Volt Drive Motor. ¼ HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 230 Volt Hydraulic Pump in Base. With Controls.

Servo Driven Variable Speed Regulating Wheel with Automation. Direct PLC with Touchscreen Controls for Preselecting Wheel Speed for Grinding and Dressing Cycles. Hydraulic Profile Dressers for the Regulating Wheels. Air Sensing Dresser for The Grinding Wheel Which Allows for More Accurate Template Reproductions. 6-Phase Air Operated Automatic Cycling Infeed Unit with the Optional Microsize Adjustment for Greater Tolerance Control. Precision Regulating Wheel Housing. Taper Adjustment with Dial Indicator. Lubrication System. Work Blades. Work Support.

Cleaned, Cycled, Guaranteed.

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