Schneeberger Corvus BBA-1100 6-Axis CNC Broach Grinder

Corvus BBA-1100

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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


CNC Axis Travels :
X-Axis (Longitudinal) 43.30” (1100 mm)
Y-Axis (Traverse) 11.80” (300 mm)
Z-Axis (Vertical) 11.80” (300 mm)
A-Axis (Tool Carrier) 360°
B-Axis (Rotation of Grinding Head) 210°
C-Axis (Rotation of Grinding Head) 320°
Grinding Head :
Twin Motor Spindle for Up 6 Grinding Wheels
Grinding Wheel Diameter 1” (25 mm) to 10” (250 mm)
Rated Drive Power 18.77 HP (14 kw) at 100% Duty Cycle / 25.48 HP (19 kw) at 60% Duty Cycle
Speeds 500 to 18,000 RPM
3- Coolant Valves Independently Activable
Approximate Dimensions 140” LR x 100” FB x 96” Height
Approximate Weight 30,800 Lbs (14,000 kg)

Equipped With


Fanuc 160i-MA IT3 CNC Control with WIN2000 PC. Quinto 3.0 Software Package with Flat and Round Broach Resharpening options. Indexing Axis Headstock and Tailstock for Spiral Broaches. 8” x 32” Magnetic Table for Flat Broaches. Transor Model 6190-700 ADC Oil Filtration System. Storch Coolant System. Transformer. Air Conditioner. Airflow Mist Collector. 

Temporary Specifications Subject to Verification. This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out in our shop, cleaned, and cycled. It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power here in our plant.