Star Cutter Model UTG600 5-Axis CNC Universal Tool Cutter and Hob Grinder


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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Capacity of Machine Workpiece Diameter 0.12" to 10"
Max Workpiece Length between Centers 46 inches
Linear Axis Travel .
• X-Axis (Grinding Wheel Cross Slide Travel) 13.4 inches
• Y-Axis (Grinding Wheel Vertical Slide Travel) 9.4 inches
• Z-Axis (Grinding Wheel Horizontal Slide Travel) 34.6 inches
• A-Axis (Workhead Indexing) 360°
• B-Axis (Grinding Wheel Rotary Pivot) 164°
Grinding Spindle Motor 5HP
Grinding Wheel Type Diamond or CBN
Grinding Wheel (Max) 8 inches
Grinding Wheel Speed 1800 to 7200 RPM
Approximate Machine Dimensions (LR x FB x H) 140" x 150" x 92"
Approximate Weight 27000 pounds

Equipped With

* This Machine was primarily used for sharpening gear cutters, hobbing and shaping tools *

GE Fanuc Series 160iMB CNC Controls. (4) Programs: Spur Cutter Grinding Program, Straight Gash Hob Grinding Program, Spiral Gash Hob Program, Round Broach Grinding Program. Wheel Truing Unit. Pneumatic Tailstock. Adjustable Steady Rest. Hob Cradle Assembly. Hob Arbor Driver. Drive Dogs. Drive Dog Arbor. Shaper Arbor. Shaper Cutter Arbor. Numerous Grinding Wheel Holders. Large Quantity of Additional Arbors and miscellaneous tooling. Coolant System. Aercology FDV-3000 Mist Collector. Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System. Manuals and Drawings.

This machine is being offered Cleaned, Cycled, and with a 30-Day Return Privilege Guarantee.

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