Vollmer Model QWD-75P PCD Tipped Tool Wire Electrical Discharge Machine



EDM, Wire

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Lake Bluff, Illinois
United States


Cutter: Circumference and Face Slide .
- Max. Diameter 9.84 inches
- Max. Length of cutting edge 7.87 inches
Shank-type Tools: Circumference and Face Side .
- Diameter 9.84 inches
- Max. Length 19.68 inches
- Max. Length of cutting edge 7.87 inches
Discoid Tools: Circumference and Tool Flange .
- Max. Outside Diameter 9.84 inches
- Max. Length of cutting edge 7.87 inches
- Max. Tangential clearance angle
- Radial Clearance angle -10° - +6°
- Grinding at (depending on pitch and tool dimensions) Circumference + Tooth Flank
PCD (Thickness from) 0.06" - 0.14"
Carbide (Thickness up to) 0.23 inches
Stellite (Thickness up to) 0.39 inches
The following can be machined: .
- Max. Cutting edges with lateral clearance angle 30°
- Max. Chamfers 45°
- Max. Helical cutting edges 45°
Max. Weight of Tool (including holder) < 20kg
Wire Diameter 0.0059" - 0.011"
Wire Guide 0.78" - 4.72"
Max. Wire Speed 196 ipm
X-Axis 8.66 inches
Y-Axis 11.81 inches
W-Axis 7.87 inches
A-Axis: Swivel Angle 360°
- Tapered Holder ISO 50
E-Axis: Swivel Angle 120°
Automatic Measuring Device 0.001 mm
Approximate Weight 10000 pounds

Equipped With

For Sharpening PCD Tipped Milling Cutters, Cylindrical Tools, Discoid Tools and other profiles with Automatic Measurement

Vollmer PMC CNC Control for X-Axis Tool Holder movement, X2 Horizontal Positioning of Tool Holder. Horizontal Movement of Erosion Head Front-Back. Vertical Movement of Erosion Head Up-Down. A-Axis Rotary Movement of Tool. E-Axis Rotary Movement of Erosion Head. Erosion Head Mounted Measuring Probe. X-Axis Wire Feed. Y-Axis Wire Feed. SK-50 Hand Wheel Tightening. A-Axis Mount Adapter with (2) Center Type Tools and (1) Threaded Arbor, (2) Test Arbors. Tailstock with Lever Operated Center and Adjustable Spring Tension. Dielectric Coolant System with filtration. Automatic Central Lubrication System. Automatic Fire Extinguishing System. Worklight Full Enclosure. 

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